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February News

Jan 31, 2014

View February's Edition of Neighborhood Notes here.


Council Update:

BY-ELECTION – Monday, February 24


In order to clean streets to the curbs, please ensure that your vehicles are moved. Your co-operation will be appreciated.


Plans are taking shape for Canada Day!! The Bentley Curling Club has graciously agreed to provide the hot dogs, buns and drinks for the day. Conoco Phillips will be providing the barbeque. Funding will be applied for through Lacombe County to help with some expenses. As discussions continue with other organizations, other items could be added to make the day as enjoyable as it has been in the past. Further details will follow in the months to come. If you are an individual/organization interested in helping, or wish to donate funds specifically for this project, just drop by the office or call one of your Councillors.


In 2015, Bentley will be celebrating its 100th Anniversary. We are looking for volunteers (both urban and rural) to help with the planning. Councillor Pam Davey and Mayor Haarstad Petten will be sitting on this committee. This is a community-driven celebration with funds available that have been set aside to help with expenses. Forward your name to any Council member indicating your interest to participate on the organizing committee. The date of the celebration will be determined by this committee.


• The Bentley Royal Purple will be charged a monthly rental fee of $100 for the Oxford School where they hold their meetings. The Town must be named as an additional named insured on the Royal Purple liability insurance policy.

• A letter from the Bentley Generals regarding concerns that the new lighting recently installed still does not meet the acceptable standard was received. They are requesting an additional row of lights be installed. This matter was deferred to budget discussions.

• Council supported the restructuring plan of Parkland Community Planning Services. The annual membership fee is $7,000.

• The 2014 draft operating budget estimates were adopted until such time as the final budget is finalized. This is to allow municipal operations to continue.

• A motion made to not send members of Council to the 2014 AUMA Convention was defeated.

• Mayor Haarstad Petten and Councillor Davey were appointed as representatives to the Centennial Committee.

• The Bentley School Parent Advisory Committee requested a Council representative be in attendance for their monthly meetings. Unfortunately, these meetings are the same nights as the regularly scheduled Council meetings. The Bentley School will be asked to provide Council with copies of their meeting minutes.
Councillor Davey was appointed to serve on the Bentley and Area Recreation Multi-use Facility Committee.

• Seminar information on Emerging Trends in Municipal Law was received for information.


• MLA Joe Anglin was in attendance to discuss several items. A letter was presented to him regarding the Highway 12 Realignment. Council were assured by Mr. Anglin that he would be bringing our concerns forward to the appropriate department heads to hopefully have this project placed on the three-year plan for completion.

• The Winter Road Maintenance policy was revised to maintain the alley (behind the commercial businesses on the north side of 50th Avenue, from 50th Street west to the campground) at the same time as the main street is being cleared.

• A request from the Bentley and Area Recreation Multi-Use Facility committee for $1,000 was deferred to budget discussions.

• The Lacombe Foundation requisition in the amount of $7,245 for 2014 was received for information.

• The Groundwater Supply Project (for the third water well) financial summary was received for information. Total project cost was $414,775.97, with $298,970.52 (72.08%) of the project receiving funding from the Alberta Government Water & Wastewater Partnership. The Town of Bentley paid $115,805.45 or 27.92% of the project.
• Public Works employees have accumulated 424 hours of overtime with the clearing of snow and it was recommended that they be paid for these hours.

• Concern regarding the ice build-up on the arena and curling rink complex was expressed. Administration was directed to find a contractor who could remove the build-up.

• Mayor Haarstad Petten received an invitation for two members of Council to attend the Provincial Men’s Curling in Lacombe on Friday, February 7th.

• Doctor recruitment was discussed and it was decided that an invitation would be extended to Dr. Smith to discuss his plans before proceeding further.

Have you any concerns or questions? Do not hesitate to contact any of your Council members.


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